I am a photographer\digital retoucher\and creator of things\


Serving Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs and the rest of the world with creative photography and digital imaging; I provide photography to commercial agencies and directly to clients, and I treat all of my clients with the same dedication and quality of service. I stand behind that statement because that sort of thing is important to my work ethic.


While I proudly call Colorado my home, I will travel anywhere and I readily work with people all over the world. I am reluctant to categorize myself as a photograper limited to any specific field; here are some of the areas I have worked in to get started:


Fine Portraiture








I also provide technical consulting services to photographers and studios locally in Denver and throughout Colorado, specializing in high-resolution medium format digital capture, technical capture, optics, and electronic shutter systems.


My job is to solve problems and make images. Concepts\Production\Post\Design. You name it. ›››


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