Digital fine printing is an obsession of mine. I see it as the second phase in digital art making and to me it carries as much weight as producing the photograph in the first place. I often consider the printing process when I am conceptualizing a series of images and I often make photographs with certain printing techniques in mind.



Selecting Prints\


Prints available for purchase are displayed on this website as approximations. The thumbnails and previews are designed to show the most important characteristics of each print edition. Specifically, margins are shown to scale and the tone of the paper is suggested for reference. Note that these characteristics are not rendered accurately enough to be considered as samples and accuracy will vary depending on your monitor and browser.


Refer to the example on the right for a description of the preview and thumbnail components. The print area defines where the pigment of the print will be present in relation to the margin; both of these combine to represent the physical print. The print area and margin are rendered using a tonality approximation of the actual paper upon which the edition is printed and then floated above a neutral background for comparison. Print area dimensions and approximate paper dimensions are always listen in inches.



Fine Printing\


I personally produce all of my prints using Epson commercial printers with UltraChrome™ K3/VM or HDR pigment groups on museum grade cotton rag or other natural fiber papers, unless otherwise noted. I prefer cut-sheet stock because it is flat and I am able to inspect each sheet for aberrations before the printing process, which can hide them. I have several paper stocks which I have been working with for a long time. Each of these papers passes my standards for archival printing at the highest quality possible. I select among my preferred papers for surface, tonality, and finish, not for differences in quality.


My ultimate goal with each print edition is to present the image in a way that completes my vision and results in a beautiful, display worthy piece that will last lifetimes when cared for properly.


Note that I use experimental and hybrid processes in my work which often exhibit film grain and other inherent artifacts. These are as much a part of the images as are the structures and scenes depicted within, and should not be viewed as printing aberrations. I can assure my buyers that every effort is put into producing fine quality prints which represent the artistic image to the fullest extent.





Due to the nature of these papers and the pigments applied to them, the prints need to be handled carefully and gently in order to avoid irreparable damage. I apply Print Shield™ coatings to most of my prints which provides only minimal protection. The most delicate portion of the print is the pigment surface which makes up the actual print area which, because it is literally lying on top of the paper stock, will scuff or discolor when touched, scraped, or brushed. The second most delicate portion of the print is the paper fiber directly below the print area. These fibers will deform under pressure and this will result in marks and gouges. The paper fiber is also susceptible to moisture and humidity (whereas the pigments are relatively stable) and too much fluctuation can cause a range of issues leading up to micro fractures in the print pigment layer resulting in a loss of contrast. A modern living room or den is well within the stability range for a fine art print; a bathroom, however, is not.


The best protection for any print is a frame, preferably one customized for the print it contains that utilizes UV protective glass. For archival presentations, the print must be matted inside the frame using acid-free natural cotton rag mat boards. The highest level of longevity is afforded by using four- or eight- mil mat boards which have been over-cut so as to avoid touching the print area.


Framed prints should never be placed where they will be met by direct sunlight or forced air. Natural airflow, however, is not a problem. All chemical cleaners should be avoided on or around the frame, and the frame should be secured well to prevent dropping.





I am currently using PayPal for all payment processing, both online and offline. PayPal is fast, secure, and traceable. I do not accept checks or money orders. If you do not have a PayPal account you may still use your credit/debit card to complete a transaction through PayPal checkout. Your information will be handled through a safe, secure, encrypted transaction via the PayPal window that accompanies your checkout process. I hold all payments until after you receive your prints in case they need to be returned.


If you are unfamiliar with ordering online you are welcome to call me with your credit card ready; I can handle the transaction using PayPal for you. Please review our privacy terms. ›››


I offer full refunds minus shipping for regular print returns as long as they are shipped back to me within three days. In the case of damaged or incorrect prints I will refund your shipping cost. Prints which have been handled, mounted, or framed cannot be returned.



Shipping\Lead Time\


Shipping starts at $7.00 USD to Colorado or $10.00 USD within the United States or $15.00 USD outside the United States for up to three prints. Orders of twenty or more prints require additional shipping charges after sale.


Limited edition prints are pre-printed and stored at protective locations; open editions are printed in batches and may need to be printed upon ordering. Because of this, one working week is required to ship all orders. Larger orders or unforeseen circumstances will require more time in which case you will be contacted. Generally, prints are on their way within one business week. Shipping is via ground or standard worldwide service unless prior arrangements have been made.




I appreciate each print sale. It is nice when a project returns enough to actually pay for itself, but mostly I am just thrilled to have my work out there where people might see it and, perhaps, share my vision even if for just a moment.


‹‹‹ Perhaps you are ready to buy a print. As always, please feel free to contact me with any specific needs or questions. ›››

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