I spent my childhood in Colorado staring at trees and tinkering with electrical gadgetry. I was the kid who traded in baseball camp for robots and lasers and never looked back. Now I spend my time in a production space buried in Denver's Capitol Hill district and I still build robots and lasers. Mostly, though, I make really cool pictures.


While I shoot film formats for my personal photography, I have wholly embraced digital capture for everything else that I do. I take great strides in keeping myself on the cutting edge and abreast of the latest trends and technologies in order to deliver the best possible imagery to my clients. And, of course, I totally love the technology.


As a photographer, I use technology to realize conceptual ideas in a visual way with a personal style that tends toward minimalism and formalism. I sneak my sense of humor in there whenever I can.


As a creator, I use my background in industrial design, electronics, and programming to solve the physical problems that I face as a photographer. I build my own equipment. I love to wire the buttons. I am likely to have a ScopeMeter® in my hand.


While I do remain perfectly content shooting high end products, foods, and beverages every day, I wholly enjoy tackling any photographic challenge.


Any puzzle will set me in motion.


Even when baseballs are involved.


‹‹‹ Have ideas? You should get in touch with me. I look forward to discussing them.


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